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Retailer’s Talk

Retailer’s Talk is blog and publication that is committed to delivering quality retail articles, education and retail updates in GCC and around the globe to support retailers. Founded in 2019 by a retail executive who is driven by his passion for learning retail. In December 2013,  he joined Geant– A French retailer then run by Fucom LLC. Here he started learning and exploring retail and realized that retail industry employees need more of retail education and other training and development programs, not only to enhance the retail industry but also for their professional development. The training and educational programs would act as a symbiotic relationship, where both the industry and employees would get benefitted alternatively.

Retailer’s Talk is an initiative to provide retail professionals with supermarkets/hypermarket functionality, operations, culture and a base of knowledge. Generating a platform to share the experiences and practical knowledge of retail professionals to enhance retail skills. Thus, coming up with the latest trends and technologies evolving and enhancing the retail business specifically in hypermarkets, supermarkets format of retail business.